Our Projects.


Raz Projects is so much more,  You can promote, costume covers and join the brand !



Seat X -  new promotinal product.

Seat X is also a innovative design, promotional, and branding product. Here you can find ideas and inspiration on how far it can go...





costume covers.

Raz Projects provide specail costome covers.

equipment that requier coverge for a veraity of reasons: Hygenic, protection, look and more.


Here you can see some of our projects, 



Special offers for schools and orginizations.

we have great offers for compnies, orginizations and schools that save money and the envaierment.


sale seat x in your store? write to become distributer.

we ship all over the world.


Unique Chair?

We also produce special covers for some unusual chairs....

Here you can see just a few of the unique models that were specially design for diffrent companies, for example:  cosmetics equipment, need a full and a clean look with just a touch of color...


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