Seat X is a patent, it came up from sheer need...
My "office chair" if you can call it that... Had a very sad look.
The combination of 2 cats and a dog... And the fact that I used the chair for painting
Well ... You know what I'm saying.


It worked just fine.


I had someone important come to my studio and I was feeling a bit embarrassed letting that

person sit on that chair.
I had my mom sewing machine, some stretchy fabric and 1 hour!
And that's how seat x was born.

Today we are a family business and we ship all over the world.
Our covers saves thousands of chair every year from becoming the
Worst waste ever - Plastic!


Seat X is the best solution for pet fur, sweating, spots and even fabric rips..

It's washable, reusable a full cover and a color selection.

Save your money, renew! And prolong your chair's life.
It's a great gift to anyone with an office chair, an original office gift, Hygienic and fit's Hundreds of different office chair.

To big organizations, check out retail offers.

Find out if the covers fits your chair, click here